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This book is so beautifully written and comes from a place of raw authenticity. Joan Minnery shows us how hard life is at times and to lose weight for good when you release the pain behind the pounds, she is an inspiration, It is easy to find a state of real joy and beauty within yourself by following Joan’s simple and clear way to transform your body and life set out beautifully within the pages of this book.This book goes straight to the root of weight problems--not gimmicky dieting tricks or supplements or food plans you'll never follow--it goes straight to addressing your thoughts, emotions, and beliefs about food and your body. It's all about recognizing negative thought patterns and replacing them with positive ones. The way Joan writes is both clarifying and motivating. You have to put in the effort and time to recognize and change your habits, this is not a quick-fix, but it will help you achieve lifelong change for the better if you're open to it. If you want to change your destructive thought patterns then I recommend this book to you. Joan Thank You once again for opening your life to us and showing us that no matter what life throws at us we can over come and win even after knowing "what you need to do" and "you did not listen". A big Thank You to your son BJ for loving you so much to finally give you that A-HA moment to transpire your life to save his MOM. You truly are an inspiration and I am thrilled that Real Love has found a place in Keith’s heart to give you the Love you so truly deserve. Thank You for giving us the importance of “ I AM” so we too can achieve that “Walk”. - Diane Brouillard, Brantford ON

 “Joan Minnery's Walking My Way Back to Me is a truly inspiring story. Her unique writing style makes it an easy read. This book shares the raw truth about her own personal journey from hell in a fat woman's body to her incredible transformation of mind, body, and soul. This book will make you laugh, cry, and above all, will leave you filled with hope and inspiration. It's the spark that many of us need to ignite our own flame toward a happier, healthier future.” - Lynda VanderStelt, Brantford ON

"Realistic, Raw & Relatable." - Sandra Wilde, St. Thomas, ON

"I just finished reading this book "walking my way back to me" by Joan Minnery and I want to officially recommend it to anyone looking for inspiration. Joan writes about her life in this book in a jaw dropping honest way. She takes you on a journey with her through all the struggles and triumphs of her life. She writes it in an easy to read way and is so incredibly relatable. Joan is a real woman who has battled the demon of obesity and triumphed. She has changed her life for the better, and after reading her book she may just help change yours! Thank you Joan for being so honest, open and inspiring!"                                    = Desiree Lefendre-Walters, Brantford ON

"One of the most talked about books of the year.  This will be a best seller." - Patrick Thibideau, Brantford ON

“Joan Minery's Walking My Way Back to Me is a truly inspiring story. Her unique writing style makes it an easy read. This book shares the raw truth about her own personal journey from hell in a fat woman's body to her incredible transformation of mind, body, and soul. This book will make you laugh, cry, and above all, will leave you filled with hope and inspiration. It's the spark that many of us need to ignite our own flame toward a happier, healthier future.” - Lynda VanderStelt, Brantford ON

"Riveting, passionate and radically sincere!" - Joyce Braun, Brantford ON

​“Joan’s book Walking My Way Back To Me was a book I could not put down, I finished it in a day. Her honesty about her journey and weight is real and heartfelt. Everyone dealing with weight issues should read this amazing book. It is time for a re-read!” - Lorri Merrett, Brantford ON

"A well written book.  It is obvious you poured your heart into the pages to help others in various addictive situations." - Keith Curley, Brantford ON 

“Joan I bought your book when it launched in 2014l  I didn't crack it open till a rainy afternoon, almost one year later. I cannot even tell you how much I got out of it. There were points in it that I had to put the book down and walk away for a minute because it felt so close to what I have been through. I just finished it and Joan all that I can say is ‘Bravo Woman Bravo’" - Linda Talian, Hamitlon, ON

"Joan Minnery has PROVED to everyone that giving up is NOT an option.  What we think is impossible IS possible!" - Stephani Bond, Brantford ON

​​"I have just finished your awesome book 'Walking My Way Back To Me" All I can say is wow. I felt every emotion I have I laughed cried and felt ashamed of myself and others for not only the things we have said about others but the things we have neglected in our own lives. Thank you for your honesty and sharing the most intimate and embarrassing moments of your life. BJ is an amazing son. You are an amazing Mom. Both you and Keith are blessed to have found each other. Thank you Thank you Thank you!" - Wayne Branchaud, St. George, ON

"Riveting, motivational, inspiring." - Karrie Tollar-Ryan, Brantford ON

"Even having read the book, Walking my way Back to Me by author Joan Minnery several times, it was easy to forget that the title character was real. As a nonfiction story, and having known the author for over 10 years, Joan Minnery is able to make people really feel her pain and success, but also tells a story so unbelievable; the reader would swear it's made up. With descriptive writing and a timeline that covers everything she and her family endured throughout her struggle, Joan relives the tale of her weight loss journey from beginning to end, leaving nothing to the imagination. The struggle is real, and, left with a child to raise on her own, it is he who becomes her epiphany. Although her character displays a positive, jolly spunk no matter where she goes, while hurting on the inside, Joan, one fateful day realizes she's dying, and the solution to that is reinforced by her one and only son, The Beej. As an avid reader, I am not often awarded the chance to read non-fiction, however, having read some, I can attest that the book is well written, well loved and well received by a plethora of followers who want to hear her message."

Christina Harper, Brantford ON 

"The author - honest & compassionate.  The book - raw, intimate, heart-wrenching." - Nancy Broerse, Niagara Falls, ON

"Exhilarating Journey." - Doug Lucas, Elora, ON

“So relatable that while I was reading it, I kept checking to see if my name was on the front cover as ‘author’" - Angela Agriesti-Rowley, Brantford ON

"Inspiring." - Deanna Johnson, Cambridge, ON

"Very uplifting.  A great read for anyone struggling with any issues in life." -
Linton Cochrane, Cambridge, ON

"Joan Minnery is the definition of 'Brave'" - Jan Osmond, Brantford ON

"The author - honest, open and inspirational.  The book - sense provoking with anger, sadness, happiness and pride." - Bev Hilliker, Brantford ON

"Pure gut-wrenching honesty!" - Kathryn Louise Hack-Dzudzsak, Cathcart ON

"The author - truthful, sincere, courageous.  The book - inspiring, thought provoking spine chilling." - Helen Mancini, St. Catharines, ON

""My mom and I purchased your book. My mom took it first and she finished the book in 2 days.

I don't remember the last time I saw her pick up a book and if she did she only got through a few pages. She just finds reading boring. But for her to read your book in such a short time - she was riveted. One night she was up until 2 am just to finish it!" - Medella Benoit Oliver, Niagara Falls, ON

walking my way back to me

An Inspirational Journey of Transformation.

How Putting One Foot In Front Of The Other Changed Her Life From The Outside, In. 

Joan Minnery ---  Diamond Winner - Brantford's Best Author, Readers' Choice Awards

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​​Get ready to cheer, be psyched up to be energized and stand by with a box of Kleenex. 

Joan Minnery’s invigorating Walking My Way Back To Me is a smile enhancing triumphant journey that will ignite your spirit to root all the 'weigh' to the finish line!!!

Walking My Way Back To Me is Joan Minnery's very raw hauntingly honest autobiography of living on the large side of life; featuring the truth behind how she successfully transformed her once poisoned body from a sob story into a successful adventure novel.

Many are discovering what her story really means and how it applies to their own lives. It's not just a book about weight loss. It's an autobiography -- a life story of fame, success, bullying, hardships, domestic abuse, family happiness/tragedy; with the behind the scenes suffering of a person in the spotlight, and the truth behind the story. Walking My Way Back To Me is about how Joan reclaimed her life and fought her way back to herself and ultimately to her son.

It is a love story trilogy...

1. A mother’s unconditional love for her son, and her controversial quest to take a very unique stand to save the life of her son’s mom. And her son's impassioned life saving intervention to pull his REAL mother out.

2. A woman whose heart had been pulled through the eye of a needle, who unexpectedly albeit finally found her Blue Sky in her very own real life Prince Charming.

And perhaps the most poignant...

3. Total 100% SELF LOVE!!! Joan learned to treat herself with love and respect and commit to a total focus on a frequency of love overflowing upon her. Joan filled herself up with some much love that she became a magnet.

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