​TWO Generations --- One Foundation!!!

 Welcome to our SIVLEization.  All shows are posted on Upcoming Events

SIVLE --- (Elvis spelled backwards) features Joan Minnery (Memphis Motion) on lead vocals,

Bill Minnery (Univernia/Rough Justice) on Guitar/Bass/Lead & Backup Vocals and

Brad Bridges (Univernia/Rough Justice) on Drums/Backup vocals.  

As schedules permit they are joined by long-time musical comrades Alicia Skoretz (Memphis Motion) on Lead/Backup Vocals and legendary rocker Jamie Reinhart (Trysted Sister, the Tryst) on Bass/Flute/Harmonica/Backup Vocals. The versatile band brings legendary tunes combined with masterful vocals & musicianship.  Powerhouse Singers & Magical Fingers. 

With a very loyal following; SIVLE has packed the rooms at Jeffrey's Lounge, Manny's Place, Branch 90 Legion (to name a few) and the Sanderson Centre.  We have a very heated schedule for 2018.  

SIVLE salutes the classic sing-a-long hits of the Beatles, CCR, Fleetwood Mac, Janis Joplin,

Bob Marley, Tina Turner, Michael Jackson, Rolling Stones, Johnny Cash and of course ELVIS.

There is something for everyone as the band also covers Pop and Country tunes from 50s - Today.  You will even hear some Keith Urban and Justin Bieber. 

Bill and Brad then take over as a duo and sometimes with Jamie and shred out the hits of Van Halen, Jimi Hendrix, Metallica, AC/DC, White Snake, Led Zeppelin, and their own face-peeling progressive rock originals. 

SIVLE is a refreshingly youthful band combining two generations of musicians while bridging the age gap through likable tunes and interactive dynamic stage showmanship.

SIVLE --- Rock Anthems and Pop Favourites from the 50s - Today!!!


Brantford Ontario Canada

"You've Been SIVLEized"