Joan Minnery - "The Little Engine That CAN"

Dynamic & Interactive Inspirational Presentations with a Musical Flare!!!

Winner DIAMOND Award - Brantford's Best Motivational Speaker, Readers' Choice Awards

* Weight Loss / Weight Management

* Self-Empowerment

* Art Of Movement - Focus On Seniors

* Women In Spotlight

* I AM Concept Of Self Love 
*Anti-Bullying / Bullying In The Workplace
* Health, Wellness & Fitness – Special Youth Focus

* Put Down The Fork & Get Moving 


"​A Motivational Speaker --- Unlike Anyone Else"

To be in a room when this spark plug fires up is an event in itself.  Joan is much more than a speaker.  

She is a happening; an awakening.  All packed into one super charged magnetic pint-sized adrenaline rush.  

Her contagious manic humour combined with movement & music is creating frenzied audiences all over North America.  

​​"Joan is a windfall for audiences." Envision your event with happy and motivated people. Participants appreciate being highly engaged and energized.  At the end of the event, you want to see folks inspired and ready to take action.  
Joan has that unique gift of having a real, raw, and relatable knack to motivate people.  
She makes them feel good.  

Joan is an authentic enjoyable personality – effervescent and high energy. Her audiences leave as happier people. 

Joan relates unforgettable honest stories of struggle and triumph. Her powerful talks are full of passion, laughter, comedy and surprise.  Afterwards audiences are ignited and spirited to do better.

Joan’s workshops are fun, interactive & creative.  She gets people up moving and uses straight forward techniques to engage in dialogue, movement and social interaction. She delivers her insightful yet crucial messages with passion, energy, humour and the added element of music. As a professional entertainer, she is no stranger to the spotlight. 

She has toured across Canada, the U.S. and the Caribbean. She combines her stories with what she does best -- SING!

For more info please contact 519-771-5687

“Joan, we would like to thank you for the outstanding presentation that you delivered at our 5th Annual Meet n Greet for our weight management convention. Your motivational presentation “Walking My Way Back To Me” was truly an uplifting and educational experience for our attendees. There was a great deal of very positive feedback from our participants. You are an inspiration to many on this weight loss journey. When you spoke to our members you presented in a manner that connects and encourages. Your authenticity and enthusiasm are very appealing, and your unique perspective adds great validity to your message. We highly recommend your skills as a dynamic speaker and we thank you once again for your offering. “
Aimee Watson, CBPSO, Peterborough Ontario.

"OMG – What an evening. Joan’s talk was inspiring, motivational, thought provoking AND fun!!  Excellent speaker and topic! All who attended the event were grateful and appreciated your words of wisdom.  Your anti-bullying message was timely and resonated with the group.  Your upbeat presentation will have a positive impact on these independent living seniors for years to come. You motivated all to achieve the best they can be.  This engaging, inspiring and thought provoking presentation benefitted and empowered us all.  As a result, we are filled with great energy and lots of positivism for achieving and promoting a healthier lifestyle while building healthier relationships in our community.  Thank you, Joan, for a very touching, inspiring and engaging evening."

Caridad Malebranche, Programming Coordinator, John Noble Home

"Joan Minnery is more than just a speaker; she is a Happening.  I've been attending TOPS conventions since 1979 and never have I ever seen any one ignite a crowd like she did in Niagara Falls in June 2016. She owned the Niagara Convention Centre.  They are still talking and posting about her." Jean Ellis, Chapter Leader, TOPS ON 5465 London 

 "Joan was awesome, she blew the roof of the place in Niagara Falls."

Cynthia Murphy, Chapter Co-Leader, TOPS ON 884 London

"Thank you Thank you thank you. I bought your book and can't wait to get home to read it. I have been to 15 Conventions and you were simply the best. I am doing the stairs to the 8th floor in our hotel.

You got me moving HUGE hugs."  Penny Forbes, Picton Ontario. 

"I sat down expecting the same old same old.  You were outstanding. Never seen any crowd anywhere react like they did to you. The place was a buzz for hours afterwards (and the next day) nobody knew what hit them just that they had just experienced something POWERFUL."

Greg Jeffrey, Welland ON. 

"I've been a member of TOPS for 45 years.  I come to these meetings and rallies every year.  NEVER in the entire time attending these events have I ever seen anyone like you.  You are like nobody else and the most inspirational speaker I've ever seen."   

Kat Waldon, St. Thomas, ON

"Unbelievable speaker. A great LIFE message."

Tanya Brick, Waterloo Ontario

"Yours was the best motivational and inspiring talk I have heard in my 10 years coming to convention."  Alan Mainguy, Scarborough, ON

"I laughed, and I danced. I left your presentation loving me. You are an amazing woman." Janice Dickson, Ottawa, ON 

"You made me cry, only because you hit home. Wonderful, inspiring and we still haven't stopped talking about it! Those that missed you missed an opportunity to turn their lives around! Thanks so much for getting me back on track!!!"  Roseanne Wagner, Walkerton ON 

“Joan spoke to our group of over 200 women; offering inspiration, entertainment and motivation.  She did that with flying colours.  She spoke of her past challenges, many of which would seem insurmountable to most of us.  From there, she presented the steps she took in order to arrive where is today; one of the most praised and marveled at speakers of our area.  Not only is she a huge inspiration to fitness and health; she can be seen constantly giving back to her community and is helping so many others who are struggling to achieve their own healthier lifestyles.  Joan interspersed her talk with getting the group to stand and take part in movement activities to great stimulating music.  Laughter could be heard throughout the entire room – they loved it. Joan Minnery is a fantastic motivational speaker -- no matter what age group, gender or economic level.  She puts her heart into her topic and makes people believe they can achieve their goals.  She gets them moving in more ways than one.  She is a great inspiration. Never has so many Probus members asked us to rebook a speaker again.”

- Vera Skitch, Chair, Grand River Probus, Brantford Ontario

"Joan Minnery is one of the most motivational speakers I have ever heard. The first time I heard Joan tell her story I looked around the crowd and I do not believe there was a dry eye in the house, including mine. Joan is very upbeat gets the crowd involved and is very caring. She has been an entertainer all her life but you can tell Joan’s passion is motivating and getting up in front of people to not only talk about her struggles but help people keep their eye on their prize."  

- Doug Lucas, Chapter President-TOPS #4199, Elora Ontario

"Joan was asked to participate as a speaker at “Inspiring Women”, our fundraising event in April 2012.  Joan has no fear of sharing her weight loss journey either in small, quaint gatherings or large formal functions. She is passionate about sharing her story with others in the hopes that she helps one person at a time to choose activity, fitness and healthy eating over the opposite. Her audience is attentive and she has the right mix of ‘light versus serious’ conversation throughout her presentation."

- Vicki Spadoni, Children's Safety Village, Brantford Ontario

"While attending the Best Western hotel in Brantford; I had the wonderful opportunity to share in the amazing experience that IS Joan Minnery! With her incredible ability to 'hold' an audience, she took us along on her life changing journey highlighting the fight for her life. We felt her sorrow, her determination and her joy as she led us through her trials and tribulations along her path of growth. Visual displays of her former misery drew empathy, understanding and reliability from the conference participants. Joan is a charismatic and honest speaker. She reaches into her heart and lays it on the stage in an offering to those who still suffer. Joan shares her hopeful message so effectively that I felt empowered to take my first step! Joan Minnery's expertise in motivational speaking, along with her extensive knowledge of healthy lifestyles and fitness, make her a dynamo that captures, informs and inspires her audience!"

- Beverley Miranda, Canadian Red Cross, Brantford Ontario

"I have been to a few of Joan Minnery's Health Symposiums in Brantford and Brant County. She is one VERY motivational speaker, happy to be there for those of us who attend.  She's a veritable dynamo of positivity.  She imparts a great deal of wisdom and has no problem with letting us know of her personal journey and her reason(s) behind it.  She gets us all energized with a sneak peek of work out exercising - with us participating - just to help us get motivated. Joan’s presentations are full audience participation.  I personally have seen people cry, or applaud Joan for her success.  Everyone willingly gives their answers to questions that Joan poses about everything pertaining to Weight management and health.  All aspects are covered in an audience participated manner."

- Bev Hilliker, Brantford Ontario

Testimonial Highlights

*TOPS Provincial Recognition Convention. 2000 Person Event* 
Scotia Bank Convention Centre, Niagara Falls, OntarioJune 10th, 2016

TOPS (Take Off Pounds Sensibly),Spring/Fall Rallies/Chapter Meetings. Stratford, Elora, Fergus, Woodstock, Waterloo, Brampton, Ingersoll, Belleville, Peterborough, St. Catherines, Guelph, Niagara Falls, Tillsonburg, Delhi, London, Paris, Brantford, Scarborough, Welland, Innisfill, Bowmanville. 2011 - 2018 

Wilfred Laurier University, Art of Movement,  Guest Professor. 

Brantford Ontario. February 2020

Ladies Night, Shared Dreams for Independent Living 

Peterborough, Ontario, January 2020

Motivation, Movement & Music - Seniors' Resource Centre,

Brantford, Ontario. January 2020

Motivation, Movement & Music - Chartwell Queen's Retirement Residence, Cambridge Senior's Centre. November 2019

The Art of Movement, Hopes Eating Disorders Fundraiser,

London, Ontario. June 2019

The Art of Movement, Seasons Bell Lane. Brantford, June 2019

International Women's Day Gala - Women Empowering Woman

Paris, Ontario.  March 2019

International Women's Day, Stephen Lewis Foundation. 

Brantford Ontario, March 2019.

Wilfred Laurier University, Art Of Movement.

Brantford Ontario, February, 2019

Power of the Purse.  Holiday Inn Select, Sarnia.November 2018

Power of the Purse, Hellenic Community Centre, London, October, 2018

Brantford General Hospital – Foundation Fundraising Gala 

Brantford Golf & Country Club,  May 2018

Horton Street Seniors Volunteer Appreciation Day.
London. May 2018

Motivation, Movement & Music - Sanderson Centre for the Performing Arts, Brantford, September 2017

International Women' s Day -- Keynote Speaker, Various Locations. Brantford, March 2017

Canadian Institute of Finance, Graduation Ceremony, Borealis Ballroom.

Kitchener, November 2016

Focus On Fitness - Active Aging Sympsium, Tranquility Residence, Brantford, September 2016

Volunteer Appreciation Gala, Brantford General Hospital, June 2016

Physical Literacy Summit, Heart Niagara, Niagara Falls.  April 2016

Paris Lions Club 85th Anniversary.  Paris Fairgrounds, Paris, March 2016

Conference on Anti-Bullying & Self Empowerment, Brantford. March 2016

​​LEAN SWEET '16 - Weight Loss Conference, Brant CountyJanuary 2016

TOPS Fall Rally, London, November 2015

Home Day Care Convention, Brantford, November 2015

TOPS Fall Rally, Brantford, October 2015

Provincial Weight Loss Convention, Brantford, October 2015

Business & Professional Women Dinner, Niagara Falls, September 2015

Probus Summer Picnic.  Brantford. July 2015

St. George Wellness Centrre. St. George. May 2015

TOPS Spring Rally, Brampton, May 2015

Ferrero Rocher, Team Building Training, Brantford, April & May 2015

Participation House, Employee Appreciation Party, Brantford, April 2015

Business & Professional Women Dinner, Niagara Falls, April 2015

Coorstek, Employee Health & Wellness Training, Paris, March 2015

Shape Up Brantford Health & Wellness Forum, Brantford, November 2014

Kitchener Rehabilitation Services
, Employee Training, Paris, October 2014

St. Basil’s Church Health & Wellness Night, Brantford, September 2014

St. Mary’s Church
Healthy Choices Forum, Brantford, August 2014

Shape Up Brantford Health & Wellness Forum, Brantford, March 2014

Fabulous Women Event, Fergus, March 2014

Probus, Professional Women’s Group, Brantford & Paris, 2011 – 2013

Shape Up Brantford Health & Wellness Forum, Brantford, August 2013

Paris Lion’s Club
President’s Night, Paris, May 2013

Harmony United Church Health Rally, Brantford, May 2013

St. Mark’s Church Health Symposium, Brantford, April 2013

Elkin Wellness Centre Spring Rally, Brantford, April 2013

The Women’s Event
, Kitchener, February 2013

Alzheimer’s Walk For Memories
, Paris, January 2013

Brant Fit Fest, Brantford, September 2012

Put Down The Fork & Get Moving
Event, Brantford, September 2012

Health Forum, Paris, August 2012

Fabulous Women Entrepreneurs
Event, Cambridge, June 2012

AIM THIN Health Expo, Brantford, June 2012

Inspiring Women
Gala, Brantford, March 2012

Alzheimer’s Walk for Memories
, Paris, January 2012

AIM THIN Health Expo, Brantford, November 2011

THINspiration Health Symposium, Brantford, September 2011

Business & Professional Women
Expo, Niagara Falls, May 2011

Motivational Highlights